Trochodendron aralioides

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Wheel tree is the sole living species in the genus Trochodendron. Which also includes several extinct relatives ... A uniquely foliaged Rare evergreen tree of 8-10 metres , endemic lower temperate montane mixed forests in Japan, and broad-leaved evergreen forests in the central mountain ranges and Northern parts of Taiwan .

Family: Trochodendraceae ...( Note ; Tetracentron in the same family as T. aralioides ) ... Original foliage in tight spirals at the apex of the year's growth, each leaf leathery dark green, simple broad Lanceolate & 6–14 cm long and 3–8 cm broad, crenate margins ... Flowers are produced 10–20 together in a Raceme 5–13 cm in diameter Flowers 15–18 mm diameter, yellowish green, without petals, but a conspicuous ring of 40–70
stamens , around 4–11
carpels ... Fruit are 2 cm diameter, woody and star shaped.

Family: Trochodendraceae 

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