Toona ciliata (syn Australis)

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Toona Australis seems to be now aligned with name Toona ciliata.
A large timber ( 60 metres tall ) and forest tree in the mahogany family.  Endemic throughout southern Asia , from Afghanistan to Papua New Guinea and Australia including Norfolk Island.
No wonder the confusion here are some common names used ! Australian red cedar, Burma cedar , Indian cedar, Moulmein cedar, Queensland red cedar and Indian mahogany ... Local Indigenous Australian names include ; Polai in the Illawarra. Woolia on the Richmond River, Mamin & Mugurpul near Brisbane, and Woota at wide bay.
It’s significant size includes trunks up to 3 metres in girth ... One of Australia’s few deciduous trees and also prized for its unique red timber ... Wood is easy to work and very highly valued ... Early Australian settlers referred to its timber as Red Gold , used for furniture, wood panelling and construction and shipbuilding ... The new growth is a beautiful red tone atop the large pinnate leaves.
Toona needs plenty of room and grows fast , it will be an investment for future generations to enjoy ...
Family: Meliaceae

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