Lycium barbarum

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Lycium barbarum (Goji Berry)

Lycium barbarum, commonly known as goji berry, is a deciduous shrub in the Solanaceae family. Native to Asia, it is now cultivated in various parts of the world, including Australia. The plant typically grows to 1-3 meters in height and features thorny, arching branches. Its leaves are lanceolate, green, and grow in an alternate pattern.

Goji berries are known for their bright orange-red, ellipsoid fruit, which are edible and highly nutritious. They are often consumed dried, fresh, or in various culinary dishes and health products. The plant blooms from June to September, producing small, purple, funnel-shaped flowers.

In Australia, goji berries thrive in well-drained soils with full sun exposure. They are drought-tolerant once established but benefit from regular watering during dry periods. Goji berries are valued not only for their fruit but also for their use in traditional medicine and as an ornamental plant in gardens.

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