Glyptostrobus pensilis

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Rare chinese tree related to the swamp cypress , and Taxodium.

Grows along streams and lakes. Dainty light green foliage turns brown russet tones in autumn. A tree 15-30m tall in its native Southern China:Fujian,Guangdong,Hainan,Guangxi ,Jiangxi,Sichuan,southeast Yunnan;N Vietnam.

It is deciduous, but often retains foliage well into the winter in different climatic areas on young plants. The leaves are sickle-shaped, green with white stomatal dots.

The seed-cones are narrowly obovoid,15-25x10-15mm,maturing brown. It occurs along streams or marshes in river deltas and, like taxodium, may produce aerial breathing roots(knees) that protrude above the water surface. Although growing in a subtropical to tropical climate it is hardier that expected, but must be grown in sufficiently wet conditions.

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