Carya ovata

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( shagbark hickory ) A large and rare deciduous tree, growing to 20-30 metres and long lived. Mature Shag barks are distinguishable by there unique shaggy bark, smooth on young specimens.

The sweet shagbark hickory's nut , is edible. The leaves 30–60 cm long, pinnate with five leaflets, the terminal leaflets much larger than the basal pair. Shagbark hickory nuts, were a significant food source for the Algonquin Indians and are also popular with local wildlife.

The fruit is a drupe 2.5 to 4.0 cm long. An edible nut with hard bony shell, in a thick green four-sectioned husk turning dark and splits off at maturity in the autumn. A brilliant substitute for pecans in colder climates, with similar delicious culinary function.

Native American Indian’s used the kernel milk , making corn cakes and hominy. Found throughout most of the eastern United States .

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