Arctostaphylos manzanita St Helens

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Common manzanita and Whiteleaf manzanita.

White flowers, only quarter inch long cup-shaped Bells hanging down in small clusters in spring. The edible small fruits are white turning red-brown as they mature into summer. Fruits have been traditionally brewed in cider, over eating fruits can give gastrointestinal upset.


The amazing bark on the long, crooked branches is a flaky reddish color , making the shrub easily identifiable as a manzanita. Growing into a twisted small tree about 5 metres tall in time.

The bright shiny green, wedge-shaped and pointed leaves make an appealing evergreen in the landscape .

Wood of these fine shrubs is particularly hard and suited to making crafted tools. California coastal ranges & Sierra Nevada foothills.

Family: Ericaceae

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