Lagarostrobus franklinii (Huon Pine)

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Huon Pine or Macquarie pine. Lagarostrobos franklinii. Iconic conifer tree endangered in nature, from previous heavy logging & one of the oldest living things on earth many 1000s of years old potentially. Very small scale-like foliage, the branches have arching branches and pendulous branchlets. Older trees can very slowly reach 10-20 metres and rarely 30 metres. Endemic to the high rainfall, cooler rainforest regions of south east , south and western Tasmania ... Individual trees are known to be over 2000 years old and clonal colony’s have been assessed to be up to 10,500 years old. Huon Pine timber is prized for its golden yellow wood, fine grain and natural oil that resists rotting. Like many plants Huon Pine has been re classified, from Dacrydium franklinii to now be considered Lagastrobus franklinii. Timber submerged many years , has been recovered and used in carpentry. One of the Southern Hemisphere , Gondwana Conifers.

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