Cedrela sinensis

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Now known botanically as Toona sinensis Flamingo. xiāngchūn (香椿)
Ever changing spectacular narrow , Chinese foliage tree. A spectacular upright & narrow feature tree during spring when the bright pink new foliage bursts into life. Foliage slowly turns cream and then a deep green.
Will grow up to 8m in height in an upright, narrow habit. The young leaves are edible as a salad, flavour akin to onions without the unpleasantries.

A natural herbal plant in China ; consult a medical doctor as this is not medical advice on my part ; Apparently 100g of xiangchun has up to 9.8g of protein, 143mg of calcium (verses 113mg in 100g of whole cow’s milk), 115mg of vitamin C (verses 53mg in a 100g orange), and 135mg of phosphorus (you need this, the average human body contains about 700g of it).
It also contains iron, beta-carotene, and B-group vitamins. For Chinese medicine, xiangchun has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties , and is described as ‘good for men’ , how I’m not sure ?.
Family: Meliaceae.  Endemic eastern and southeastern Asia, from North Korea south through most of eastern, central and southwestern China to Nepal, northeastern India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and western Indonesia.

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