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Acer palmatum shishi gashiraA slow growing maple with unusually glossy leaves that are often curled up.  Drawing attention to itself for its foliage, this variety has deep green leaves that last into autumn and are heavy and firm to touch.  'Shishi Gashira' is also unique in that it can grow to 15 feet tall yet it is considered one of the best bonsai trees in the world. The name 'Shishi Gashira' means "Lion's Head" or "Lion's Mane."

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum aoyagi

Aoyagi means ‘green coral’ and this variety is named for its ‘green coral’. Great for brightening a dark corner of the garden.

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum issai nishiki momiji

A highly ornamental and variegated form with prominent white in the leaves. Foliage also rewards with pink tones on the new spring growth. A garden stand out!

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum baby lace

‘Baby Lace’ is an interesting lace leaf maple that has leaves that are half the size of normal dissectum leaves. New foliage emerges red-orange and then becomes bronze-green over summer. ‘Baby Lace’ becomes about 3 feet tall in a 10 year period, forming a roundish, dense shrub.

acer aplamtum big red © 2013A great choice for those looking for a reliabe, small-size red leaf variety. This classic Japanese maple bears deeply cut, feathery red-purple leaves that turn bright crimson in autumn. Popular for its graceful, weeping habit.

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum bloodgood   Well known for holding burgundy colour throughout summer, leaves are crimson in autumn. This is one of the best ‘red leaved’ maples.

Country of Origin: Japan.



acer palmatum bonfireAs the name suggests, this variety is well known for its brilliantly coloured foliage. An attractive small Japanese maple with a great display in both spring and autumn. Makes a spectacular feature tree for small spaces, growing to around 3m in height and spread.

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum burgundy laceThis cultivar of Japanese maple has lovely multiple trunks. 'Burgundy Lace' is favoured for its purple-red colored leaves, interesting growth habit, and fine leaf texture. Growth habit is more shrub-like with branches to the ground. This may be the best way to grow this tree to show off its wonderful texture.

Origin: Japan

acer palmatum chishio sanguineumA small and colourful addition to any garden with bright spring foliage.  Spring tones are long-lasting and turn a gorgeous pink-red until the beginning of summer.  Considered one of the best bright pink-red spring color cultivars with almost no weaknesses. A very graceful small tree which adapts well to containers and can also be used for bonsai culture.

Origin: Japan

An upright small tree with coral-red twigs and lleaf stalks, like 'Sango-kaku' but deeper in colour. Young leaves are pale yellow-green, tinged red at the edges. The green summer foliage turns yellow to gold in autumn, with beautiful red overtones in favourable years.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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