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magolia spregeri diva © 2013

A deciduous small tree or large shrub. Rosy red, slightly fragrant flowers appear before the leaves. Commonly known as Sprenger’s magnolia, is native to central China in forests or thickets at an altitude of between 1300-2400m. ‘Diva’ is useful as a dramatic small tree specimen but should be sheltered from strong winds.

Origin: China

Magnolia stellataCommonly called the Star Magnolia, this variety is one of the smallest Magnolia’s available. Large, showy clouds of white or pink flowers in early spring are the hallmark of this beauty. There are several cultivars of this deciduous ornamental with bold, glossy foliage and interesting winter architecture. It is slow growing, and will eventually reach a height of around 5m.

Origin: Japan

Magnoila stellata Royal StarMagnolia stellata, commonly called star magnolia, is native to Japan. It is a small deciduous tree with a spreading, rounded crown. It is noted for its compact size and late winter to early spring displays of star-shaped white flowers. ‘Royal Star’ is a popular cultivar that has slightly larger and showier flowers than the species.

Origin: Japan

Magnolia stellata Rosea is a beautiful slow-growing shrub with a spreading, rounded habit. Masses of pale pink, fragrant star-shaped flowers burst from furry, grey buds in early spring. Flowers are fragrant and around 10cm in width. Often used as an informal hedge, for woodland planting schemes, courtyards and patios. Slow growing to approximately 2.5m in height.

Magnoila Stellata waterlilyA very popular deciduous Magnolia, stellata Waterlilly has stunning white fragrant flowers that adorn its bare stems in spring. Blooms open a pale pink, however they quickly fade to good clean white.Also known as the ‘star magnolia’ because of the flower shape. Widely used as a feature tree, Magnolia stellata can also be grown in a container. With a shallow and non-invasive root system this variety presents few problems when planted near pathways or buildings.

Magnolia tripetalaCommonly known as the ‘umbrella tree’, this fast growing deciduous tree has large shiny leaves, spreading from stout stems. In a natural setting the umbrella magnolia can grow 15m in height. The flowers are large and creamy-white in colour, later developing into a cone-like fruit. The flowers are intensely fragrant, but may be unpleasant up close. Blooming time is late spring/early summer. The diamond-shaped leaves look like the spokes of an umbrella, which gives the Umbrella tree its common name. Attractive and easy to grow.

Origin: USA

magnolia virginiana ©Magnolia virginiana, commonly called sweet bay magnolia, is native to the southeastern United States north along the Atlantic coastline. Its features cup-shaped, sweetly lemony fragrant, creamy white flowers. Blooms appear in mid-spring and sometimes throughout the summer. Cone-like fruits with bright red seeds mature in autumn.

Origin: USA

Magnolia wilsoniiA breathtaking variety that develops into an expansive shrub. It boasts unusually narrow, pointy leaves and graceful nodding blooms. Flowers first present as pure white cups with bold purple stamens, and open fully as they age. An ideal feature variety for a lightly shaded position. Has been celebrated with an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Origin: China

Magnolia x Fairy BlushThe Fairy Magnolias® are new selections that are fast growing and rich in blooms. They bloom freely, featuring a bud or two on each leaf axil unlike most other Magnolias. These Fairy Magnolias are bushy, evergreen beauties which can be grown as a specimen plant or even as a flowering hedge. They are laden with fragrant flowers in early spring. Magnolia ‘Fairy Blush’ is one of the first new evergreen magnolias with pink coloring. The Fairy Magnolias are also available in white and cream.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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