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Magnolia acuminataThe name cucumber tree originates from the fruit cones which are green when young and which, with some strech of the imagination, might be then linked to gherkin cucumbers. These turn dark red on maturity but as usually too sparsely produced to be of much ornament and tend( when unfertilized)to fall soon after they turn colour.

Magnolia acuminata Golden GlowGolden yellow flowers on an upright tree. Selected from a tree in the smoky mountains, sevier country, tennessee, and registered by Dr.Frank Galyon in 1975.

magnolia campbellii strybing white © 2013Magnolia campbellii can takes 20 years to bloom from seed, but many say it is well worth the wait. Its spectacular white colour and flower shape are different from the usual pink and white colours and cup and saucer shape of
M. campbellii. This variety was striking enough to warrant a cultivar name, and Eric Walther dubbed it 'Strybing White'
in 1961.

Magnolia Campbellii (Pink) Considered amongst the most popular of the Magnolias. The Himalayan "Pink Tulip Tree" has very large pink goblet shaped flowers opening out like a water lily in 'cup and saucer' form.

Magnoila campbellii Kew Surprise A seedling of'Charles raffill', the product of Raffills cross between Magnolia cambellii and M.cambellii var.mollicomata. Flower shape like that of var.mollicomata; flowers are white inside, crimson rose outside. Named in 1967 original tree at the royal botanic gardens, Kew.

Magnolia campbellii var mollicomata lanarth A lovely deciduous tree with a narrow pyramidal crown. Known for its large flowers in an unusual violet-red colour. This variety prefers full sun in well-drained soil.

Origin: China

Magnoila cocoA beautiful evergreen shrub with strongly fragrant flowers that appear in shades of cream and purple. Tip: prune after flowering finishes to encourage plant density. Reaches a height of approximately 4m.

Magnolia cylindricaA deciduous tree adorned with large cup-shaped white flowers. This variety produces red cone-like fruit. Plant in moist rich soils for best results. A rare plant native to China and currently threatened by habitat loss.

Origin: China

Magnolia DawsonianaA rare variety known for its large fragrant flowers in shades of white and light pink through to a rosy red. This early-flowering deciduous tree forms a pyramidal outline. It can take 45-50 years to reach its ultimate height and 15-20 years before flowering.

Origin: China

Magnolia Chyverton RedA similar variety to Magnolia dawsoniana but with crimson red blooms. The colour of the blooms is determined by temperature. Chyverton Red flowers late winter through spring.

Origin: China

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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