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Coastal redwood.A very large,evergreen,monoecious tree,reaching over 100m tall in its native forests,possessing a thick,fibrous,soft and spongy,reddish brown outer bark.Branches slightly drooping,yew-like,bearing2-ranked,linear-oblong leaves,1-2cm,dark green above,marked with 2 white stomatal bands beneath.Leaves on leading shoots and fertile shoots smaller and spirally arranged.Cones pendent,ovoid to globose,2-3cm long,ripeing the first season.

sequoia © 2013 A conical tree with horizontal branches and pendulous branches with dense,dark green bluish foliage.Similar to,and possibly synonymous with, 'Soquel'.Recored by Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation,CA,USA in 1977.

sequoia sempervirens kellys prostrate © 2013 A flat prostrate plant with all the branches growing horizontally.Foliage emerald-green.In ten years 0.2x1.2m.Listed by Collector's Nursery,WA,USA in 2002.

sequoidendron giganteum Wellingtonia,giant redwood,Sierra redwood. The 'big tree' of california attains a very large size.The deeply furrowed,reddish brown outer bark is similar to that of sequoia sempervirens in texture, but spongier.As a young tree it has a densely branched,conical habit.On older trees the branches are more widely spaced and conspicuously downswept.Sometimes the lower park of the trunk is clear of branches,for several metres,revealing the ornamental bark.Leaves awl-shaped,6-12mm long,bright green,spirally arranged,persisting for up to 4 years.Cones ovoid,5-7.5cm long,green at first,maturing to reddish brown the second year.

A plant with narrowly columnar trunk at first,then leader almost invariably nods or leans over,but then continues to ascend,branched chaotically,twigs short or long and with weeping mane-like grey-green foliage.In ten years 4x0.8m.Annual growth can be very slow when young but later 40-60cm.Raised from seed in 1863 by Lalande Nursery,France.

Native to the coastal plain from Virginia to Louisiana,more coastal than var..distichum.The pneumatophores are uncommon,rounded.The short shoots are assurgent or errect,with adpressed,acicular scale-leaves 3-10mm long.The pond cypress occurs more often in swamps and by lakes than in deeper water,riparian habitat preferred by var.distichum.It is less hardy than the bald cypress,smaller,neater and more columnar.A number of forms and horticultural cultivars have been selected.

 taxodium distichum © 2013 (Swamp Cypress)Deciduous cypress,swamp cypress,bald cypress. A strikingly beautiful tree and the most suitable conifer for wet soils.A large tree with fibrous,reddish brown bark and a strongly buttressed trunk.Leaves linear and flattened,1-1.5cm long,grass-green,pectinate on short,deciduous shoots,spirally arranged on the persistent branchlets,turning bronze-yellow inb autumn.

A strongly weeping selection.Growth is mostly from the lateral branches,developing a prostrate habit,and so is best supported.A strongly weeping plant with the branches descending parrallel to the trunk when allowed.The leader must be trained to the desired height.Leaves bright green,turning reddish brown in autumn.In ten years 3x1.2m,if staked.

A slow-growing,well-branched,flat-topped or spreading dwarf with feather-like,twisted,soft green foliage.In ten years 1x1m.Found as a witches'broom before 1992 at Secrest Arboretum,OH,USA.

taxodium mucronatum pendulum © A weeping cultivar with very small,light green needles that turn pink in autumn.Needs staking for height.In ten years 2x2m.Originated in Australia c.2010.Listed by Cees van Ostaayen,Netherlands.The cultivar name in Latin form is unacceptable because the cultivar was produced and named after 1958.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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