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Sweet Kusamaki.One of the hardiest species,forming a shrub or small tree of very distinct appearance.Leaves 10-13cm long, up to 18cm on vigorous plants,12mm wide,bright green above,glaucous beneath,arranged in dense spirals on the stems.Not suitable for chalky soils.It has withstood heavy frosts in the  SHHG.Native to china and to japan where it is occasionally grown as an unusual and effective hedge.

Adult leaves (25--)35-70(-80)mm long and 4-7(-8)mm wide,with an obtuse,acute or acuminate apex.

A medium-growing male plant eventually forming a small golden yellow conical tree.The colour is brighter in winter and in hotter climates.Reasonably hardy in the UK but susceptible to frost damage.In ten years 2-3x1.5-2m.Catkins scarcely seen.

pseudolarix amabilis  Golden larch.A beautiful and very hardy,slow-growing,deciduous,medium-sized tree of broadly conical habit.The long,larch-like,light green leaves,3-6cm long,turn clear golden yellow in autumn.Cones ripen the first year.On a large tree they stud the long,slender brsnches,resembling small,pale green artichokes,bloomy when young,reddish brown when ripe.


An evergreen srub to 2-4m tall,native to SE China:north Fujian,north Guangdong(Ruyian),Guangxi,Hunan,Jiangxi,Zhejiang.The crown is dense and bushy,domed,with the trunk branched from the base and numerous thin ascending or spreading branches.The leaves are spirally arranged but usually appear to be 2-ranked by a twisting of the leaf-stalks,linear,straight or curved,12-25mm long and 2-4mm wide,glossy dark green above and with 2 blue-white stomatal bands beneath.Pollen-cones are single in the axils of ordinary leaves and held beneath the stem,each consisting of 6-8 pairs of basal bracts at the base of the single seed surrounded by a cup-shaped white aril that is 5-7mm long.The seeds are 5-8x4-5mm, slightly flattened.

From British Columbia to California.Trees to 100m or more in height.The needles are 25-35mm long and 1.2-1.5mm wide,dark green.The seed-cones are 4-9cm long,with bracts not reflexed.It grows best on well-drained sites with high rainfall iin the Pacific Northwest where even larger trees have been logged in the past.A height of 65m in western Scotland has been achieved in only a hundred years or so.

pseudotsuga meniesii fletcheri ©  A very slow-growing,broad,flat-topped or globose bush with radially arranged green needles,somewhat twisted and bowed.In ten years 1x1.5m.Originated before 1895 in Lock King Nursery,UK and introduced by Fletcher Brothers,UK in 1915.

A collective name,in use since 1853,for more than one weeping clone and should not now be used as a cultivar name.

(syn.'Hess Select';'Select Blue'; 'Hess' Select Blue')A conical tree with light blue foliage.In ten years 2x1m.Listed by Hess Nurseries,NJ,USA in 1977.

Sciadopitys verticillata 'Japanese Umbrella Pine'Umbrella pine.A slow-growing,very hardy,monoecious tree of medium size.Dense and conical when young usually with a single trunk,sometimes with several main stems.Bark peeling to reveal the reddish brown new bark.Branches horizontal,bearing lush clusters of rich,glossy green foliage.The apparent single linear leaves,up to13cm long,are,in fact,fused pairs and are arranged in characteristic dense whorls like the spokes of an umbrella,hence the English name.The attractive cones,6-10cm long are greenat first,ripening to brown the second year.Native to Japan.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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