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A low bun-forming plant Originated before 1979 by F.Bergman,Raraflora Nursery,PA,USA.there is another 'Pincushion',described as a low bun-shaped plant and originated by Yamina Rare Plants,Australia in 1990.

A very hardy, large shrub or small tree of dense, bushy habit. Leaves in pairs, 3-4cm long, rigid and curved, dark green. Cones solitary or in clusters, to 6cm long. A variable species in the wild, all forms succeeding in almost all soils. Very lime-tolarent. Several of the smaller forms are excellent in association with heathers, while the dwarf, slow-growing cultivars are suitable for a rock garden or scree.

A dwarf, spreading or dome-shaped bush of open habit. Foliage golden yellow during winter. One of the best of its kind for general cultivation.A wide,slow-growing cultivar with golden yellow needles in winter.In ten years 1x1.5m.Originated before 1967 by Draijer B.V,Netherlands.

A very slow-growing,irregularly upright plant with bright mango-yellow new growth in spring.Needles slightly twisted,with silver undertones,in autumn fading to blue-green with yellow uvertones.At its best in an open situation but may scorch in full sun.In ten years 80x70cm.A beautiful plant with a confused history:it originated in Japan and was introduced c.1980 by Dr Henry Landis,Canada.Apparently John Verkade and his son David brought back a plant labelled 'Tensu Kasu' from the collection of Dr Landis after his death and with J.W.Springarn's help it was renamed 'Dr Landis Gold'.

(syn.'Hagoromo')An old yatsubusa(bonsai)cultivar with yellow-green,thick,twisted green needles.In ten years 1.5x1m.Listed by Valavanis(1976)as cultivated in Japan.

pinus panifolia glauca nana © (Dwarf Japanese White Pine) This evergreen conifer is a stunning landscape specimen. Also used for bonsai and containers, is a slow grower reaching 6 - 10 ft tall, 3 - 5 ft wide over 10 years.

An extremely beautiful, small to medium-sized tree of graceful habit, with reddish bark, long spreading branches and pendent, glaucous-green, glabrous young shoots. Leaves bright green, usually in 3s, occasionally in 4s or 5s, to 30cm long. Cones in clusters, curved, to 10cm long. An elegant species with graceful drooping foliage. This lovely tree has grown uninjured at the SHHG for more then 50 years, but is not recommended for the coldest northerns areas.Mexico.

 Usually a sparsely branched, medium-sized tree but occasionally a large tree with a bare stem and thick, reddish brown or dark purple bark in small squares. Leaves in pairs, to 25cm long,rigid and curved, dull grey. Cones to 18cm long, rich shining brown, often remaining intact on the branches for several years.An excellent species for sandy soils and sea side districts, particularly in the warmer parts of the british Isles.

Pinus Pinea 'Stone Or Umbrella Pine' (Stone Pine)A very distinct tree of small to medium size developing a characteristic dense, flat-toped or umbrella-shaped head.Leaves in pairs, to 15cm long, stiff and slightly twisted, sharply pointed. Cones stalked, to 15cm long, shining nut-brown. Seeds large and edible.A picturesque pine, particularly suitable for sandy soils and maritime areas.

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas

Jacaranda mimosaefolia White Christmas Jacaranda
mimosaefolia 'White Christmas'

Michelia x Starbright

michelia x Starbright Michelia 
X Starbright'

Ficus dammaropsis

Ficus dammaropsis Ficus

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